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Become an official member of the International Beer Drinkers Club! For the low cost of $25.00 you will get lifetime membership!

Club members who pay the shipping and handling charges get an official certificate affirming their lifetime membership to the club. Members are also entitled to receive the Official International Beer Drinkers Club Newsletter for a full year. Pay subscriptions to the newsletter are available to non-members or for those who wish to continue receiving the newsletter after one year.

International Beer Drinkers Club - Lifetime Membership with One Year Subscription to the Newsletter:


International Beer Drinkers Club


Mail a Check (Cheque) or Money order for $25.00 plus $5.50 shipping & handling to: 

PO Box 195 
Jackson's Point, ON
L0E 1L0     CANADA

Note: Canadian Residents: Add GST. Official receipts with GST registration number will be mailed with all  membership certificates. All Prices stated in US Dollars.

International Beer Drinkers Club - Monthly Membership Subscription (automatic renewal unless membership cancelled):





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